So, you’re moving house or moving country; either way, you’re moving out!    The excitement of moving into a new house is one that no homeowner forgets, nor is the bittersweet memory of saying goodbye to an old home.    Nevertheless, it has to be done, and moving out is no walk in the park. What can make it easier though, are these move-out cleaning tips?   For homeowners that are giving up the lease or planning to put their house on the market, cleaning the place up thoroughly is important. Upon the owner’s lease agreement, you may have to return the house in a clean, sanitary condition.    On the other hand, a spick and span house increases your chances of getting a potential buyer to make a purchase. So now that we’ve established the importance of move-out cleaning, let’s tell you how to go about it from start to finish.  


If you’ve already begun to move boxes to the new place, that’s great because the leser stuff you have in the house, the easier it is to clean.    If you’re intending to load the moving truck with all of your belongings on the day of the move, we have some advice for you.   Try to devote one room for storing packed boxes so that the empty rooms can be cleaned first. Even if it means you have to clean one room every day, it beats having to clean the entire house in one day.  


If you’re cleaning an empty room, start with the ceiling.  If you don’t have a long-handled broom, cover your mop with an old tee shirt and use it to remove dust from the ceiling corners and dust the entire ceiling.  


Use the same contraption you made to dust your ceiling, for cleaning your walls. Start from the top and make your way down as you wipe from side to side.    If your paint finish/wallpaper permits, gently rub away stains using a clean, damp cloth. Even if there aren’t any obvious stains, using a damp cloth to wipe all the walls will give them more life and look cleaner.  


With all the dirt and dust from the ceiling and walls now settled on the floors, it’s time to finish cleaning the room by sweeping and mopping.    Before you begin mopping, keep the windows in the room slightly open to allow for faster drying, and close other windows to prevent dust and filth from blowing into the cleaned rooms due to cross-ventilation.  


Every surface in your kitchen and bathroom will need good scrubbing to make them look presentable.    People are likely to go in and out of these rooms until all of the packings are completed, so save them for the end of your cleaning.   We know how tough moving out can be, but these tips should lighten the load for you. If you are a large family planning to move out, however, you may need the assistance of professional home cleaners to assist you throughout the process.

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