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Coachella Valley Hoarding Cleaning

Get a Fresh Start in a Hoard-Free Home with Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting

At Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting, our Coachella Valley team of hoarding specialists take extreme care to keep each client involved in the cleaning process and consistently check-in to monitor stress levels. Our team understands that compulsive hoarding often has emotional and psychological factors, so we do our best to create an experience that moves smoothly and swiftly.


Contact Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting to speak with our Coachella Valley hoarding cleanup team and discuss how we can help you get a fresh start in a clean, hoard-free home.

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What is Hoarding?

Compulsive hoarding, often part of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, involves a person collecting an abundance of items and exhibiting a persistent difficulty in getting rid of possessions. The need to hold onto things may be due to the perceived importance of the hoarded items.

Hoarding in this way often results in embarrassment and difficulty asking for help, but you have come to the right place. With a customized cleaning plan, focused on our client’s privacy, comfort, and emotional state of mind, we can help eliminate existing hoards and offer steps to prevent a future reoccurrence, without judgment.  

What Does a Hoard Cleanup Include?

Hoard cleaning is specific to each job and can involve various processes, but there are some that you can expect once you have consulted with our team. If you are ready to take the first step in starting over and working through the hoard cleanup process, you may expect:

Hoard Cleaning with Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting

From the initial consultation to the final deep clean, the hoard cleaning team at Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting is here to make our clients’ lives better through our services. We understand that a hoarding cleanup has emotional and mental factors, so we provide discrete, compassionate help cleaning up your home. Let us remove waste, preserve your valuables, disinfect, and deep clean so you can have a fresh start.

Take a breath of fresh air when your hoard is eradicated, with help from the Coachella Valley hoard cleaning team at Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting.

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