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Post Construction/Renovation Clean-Up

Coachella Valley Construction Cleaning Services

New construction and home renovations can leave your home filled with microscopic dust, fragments of construction materials, and debris left behind by construction workers. With professional cleaning services from the Coachella Valley team at Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting, you can breathe freely and enjoy your newly renovated space with the sparkle and shine it deserves.

Construction dirt and dust are different than everyday outdoor dirt, so they warrant a more thorough cleaning process- one suited for professionals with industrial equipment made to handle the job.  We’re here to take it on!

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What Does Construction and Renovation Cleaning Include?

Your post-construction or renovation cleaning project requires a deep clean that traditional vacuums, store-bought cleaning agents, and dusters may not be built to handle.

Professional construction and renovation cleaning may include:

Air cleaning as part of your post-construction and renovation cleaning may be necessary for clients who suffer from asthma, allergies or is immunocompromised. Brick, drywall dust, and other construction air contaminants can be hazardous to respiratory health. With a deep clean, air cleaning, and potential disinfecting treatment, you can breathe easy knowing your home is clean.

Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Crew?

A professional cleaning crew offers several benefits over cleaning on your own: safety, skill, equipment, and peace of mind. Professional cleaning crew members are equipped with the tools and safety equipment needed to protect homeowners from dust, stray nails, glass, discarded blades, and other construction hazards.

Professional cleaners can work faster and with the efficiency that can ensure thorough completion of the job, no matter how big. With the commercial grade, professional equipment that is meant to tackle large jobs, our experts can get your home clean quickly and thoroughly.

Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting Cleans Up Your New Home

Whether cleaning up after new construction or renovations in an older home, the professional cleaning team at Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting has the tools and training needed. Our team is trained to make sure we remove all hazardous materials, dispose of them safely, and bring a shine to your new floors and windows. Let us put the finishing touches on your new construction or renovation project so that you can enjoy it stress-free.

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