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Eviction Clean-Up

Coachella Valley Eviction Cleaning Services

Evicted tenants are notorious for leaving property behind and in an undesirable condition. Leaving the property in disarray or disrepair is, in most cases, due to tenant negligence or resulting from intentional damages made by tenants following notice of eviction. The eviction cleaning professionals at Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting provide thorough eviction clean-up so that your property can be available again in no time.

Don’t risk exposure to potentially dangerous biohazard waste left behind by tenants. From rotten food to human waste, blood to drug remnants, a variety of hidden dangers may exist behind closed doors. Hiring experienced eviction cleaning experts ensures that legalities are respected, the property is removed safely, and your home is cleaned and disinfected.

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Eviction Clean-Up and Legalities as Landlords

Landlords must handle all associated legalities related to their eviction satisfied fully before the commencement of the clean-up process. The legal process can be overwhelming and stressful, with an equally stressful clean-out process following its completion.

California is unlike any other state in that the landlord must inventory the renter’s property that is left behind and provide a list of that inventory to the renter after eviction. This notice must also include information as to how and where the evictee can retrieve their property. The abandoned property must be kept for 15 days in a secure location once the notice is provided.

Disinfecting After Eviction

Disinfecting after an eviction may seem excessive, but there are plenty of reasons to worry about potentially hazardous items or waste left behind. Our professional cleaning and disinfecting team provide services to ensure that your property is safe and ready for a new tenant, no matter what was left behind.

Potentially dangerous waste left behind after eviction may include:

Due to the potentially harmful pathogens that may be present in eviction waste, seeking an experienced eviction clean-up team is highly recommended. This will protect the landlord, future tenants, and those cleaning the property.

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Protect yourself, your property, future tenants, and cleaning crews by hiring an experienced, specialized eviction clean-up team to handle your eviction cleaning job. Eviction clean-up requires more from your team than some scrub brushes and soap. Let the Coachella Valley eviction team at Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting take care of your post-eviction clean-up so you can focus on moving forward.

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