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How to Know if a Hoard Is a Safety Issue

How to Know if a Hoard Is a Safety Issue

Protecting Your Loved Ones from the Dangers of Hoarding with Help from Our Team

Hoarding poses a variety of dangers to the hoarder, their family members, visitors, and even first responders. There is a serious risk of health issues, injury, homelessness, and relational damage as hoarding worsens.

Finding treatment for the emotional and mental distress at the root of hoarding is paramount in helping your loved one heal, but you will also need professional cleaners to clear out the property, so no one is at risk from what has accumulated. From pet and human byproducts to brand-new clothes, a hoard can be made up of a lot of items, all of which can pose a danger to the people who live there.

Let the hoard cleanup experts at Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting take care of the hoard so that you can help your loved one heal and get to the reason for hoarding. Call our Coachella Valley hoard cleaners to schedule a cleaning today.

Health and Safety Risks of Hoarding


One of the biggest risks of a hoarding situation is a lack of sanitation. There is a significant risk of excessive ammonia levels from the accumulation of urine and feces, which are hazardous to the cardiac and respiratory systems. Lack of proper sanitation is harmful and dangerous to immunocompromised family and friends.

Clutter makes it difficult and inconvenient to properly clean, so there is a high probability of excessive dirt, dust, and bacteria posing a serious health risk. A combination of dirt, excrement, and moisture in a home can also result in mold growth.

Fall Risks

Fall accidents are a major risk in hoarded spaces due to the number of obstacles in the way of movement and navigating the space. The more garbage, clutter, animals, and boxes there are, the higher the fall risk. This is especially true if a hoarder is mobility impaired.

Fire Safety

Blocked doors, windows, and vents pose a fire hazard. If a fire occurs within the home, first responders may have difficulty with rescue efforts and may be at risk themselves. The weight of hoards may also increase risks during a fire and other rescue missions. The extra weight of hoarding can cause structural damage or compromise the safety of the home, increasing the risk if the hoarding items are highly flammable.

Animal Safety

Neglect and improper care of animals put not only animals at risk but also the hoarders. Their excrement and byproducts are dangerous to everyone’s health. If the hoarded items and animals attract animals like rodents and other scavengers, they may carry bacteria and viruses that are dangerous to the existing animals. (Animal hoarding can also result in felony charges.)

Blocked Airways

Hoarding piles may quickly grow to cover air vents, windows, doors, and other airways. As a hoarder or their family lives within the hoard, carbon dioxide levels rise, causing difficulty breathing and eventually even death.

Cleanup Hoards and Return Safety with Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting

When a hoard is taking over a home, it is time to stop it in its tracks. Hoarding poses several health and safety risks to the hoarder, their family, and all who enter. Protect loved ones and first responders with a hoarding cleanup from the experts at Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting.

Call the Coachella Valley hoarding cleanup team at Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting to schedule a hoarding cleanup for your loved one. Keep you and your family safe with our help.