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Interesting and Unexpected Finds During Hoarding Cleanup

Interesting and Unexpected Finds During Hoarding Cleanup

Coachella Valley Hoarding Cleanup with Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting

Hoarding is a compulsion characterized by the extreme collection of items, trash, and miscellaneous things and the subsequent attachment to the hoarded collections. Letting go of all these items can create stress, anxiety, and devastation for the hoarder, so professional cleanup is an important task.

The Coachella Valley professional hoarding cleanup team at Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting can help clean up a hard for you, your family member, or a loved one with respect, empathy, and professionalism. We understand the complex psychology behind hoarding and can work with you to create the least devastation and stress possible. From cleaning up a hoard after a loved one passes away to helping a hoarder get a fresh start, we’re here to help.

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Surprising Things Found Within a Hoard

Once a hoarding situation is uncovered; it is time to get to work. During hoarding cleanup, there are often surprising and interesting items buried below your loved one’s treasured collections. Sometimes, during a hoarding cleanup, you may find surprising things, from valuables to animals, all hoards have a story to tell.

Some interesting and surprising hoarded items include:

  1. Extreme amounts of firearms. This type of hoard can be especially difficult and tedious during cleanup because of the danger of accidental discharge, unknown whereabouts of additional weaponry, and the age and condition of old guns or other weapons. When a hoarder has dozens or hundreds of weapons, it is always an interesting day.
  2. Hundreds of cats. Animal hoarding often begins with the best intentions but can quickly get out of control. Having multiple animals can lead to unwanted and untreated pregnancies, reduce the hoarder’s ability to provide proper care, and become unsanitary and a health risk within the property. There are significant health and safety risks for the people and animals living within a hoarding home. Many times, in these types of cleanups, professional cleaners find deceased cats in various states of decomposition. (This can happen with a variety of animals, but cats are the most common.)
  3. Expire foods. When cleaning out a hoard that involves food and kitchen hoarding, it is not uncommon to find severely expired food in freezers, fridges, cabinets, or on the floor. It can date back years or even decades, left in the back corners of food storage spaces.
  4. Money. Hoarders often stash away cash, undeposited paychecks, or other forms of cash. They may be set aside loosely or in envelopes, but these quickly get lost in old paperwork or fall between boxes or hoarded items. Hundreds and even thousands of dollars may be found during a single hoarding cleanup.

Other items that may be surprising that are found during a hoarding cleanup may include:

  • Lotto or scratcher tickets
  • Hidden jewelry, silver, or gold
  • Family heirlooms and precious photos
  • Human feces and urine

Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting: Your Hoarding Cleanup Experts

When you need hoarding cleaners that are respectful, professional, and efficient, call the Coachella Valley hoard cleanup experts at Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting. Our professional cleaners can help you create a plan to address the hoarding situation, keeping your loved one or family member’s dignity and feelings in mind. It is imperative that you hire professional cleaners to tackle the hoard, rather than putting you and others at risk for health and safety issues.

Let us clean up the hoard so you can care for your loved ones. Call the Coachella Valley hoarding cleanup professionals at Palm Springs Cleaning and Disinfecting today.