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When is Disinfectant Fogging Used?

Fogging is a disinfectant practice that has been used for quite some time but gained popularity at the beginning of and throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. Since then, there has been some misunderstandings when it comes to the practice and our Coachella Valley fogging and disinfecting team is here to clarify.

Understanding What Fogging IS

To begin, fogging is known as one of the leading solutions for maintaining a sterile environment. During the fogging process, a fogging machine is used to fill a room with fog, allowing horizontal and hard to reach places to be disinfected. This is highly effective for easily missed, tight, and confined spaces.

Understanding What Fogging IS NOT

Contrary to popular belief, fogging should not be viewed as a replacement for cleaning and disinfecting practices. Instead, this service should be used as a complement to thorough, deep-cleaning practices since fogging is only partially effective on vertical surfaces, the underside of horizontal surfaces, and does not affect closed off surfaces.

So, When is Fogging Best Used?

Fogging can be a highly effective sanitization practice and is especially beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Reduces airborne contaminants
  • Disinfects difficult to reach areas
  • Disinfects horizontal surfaces

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